BRAND NEW – 2016 Ford Kuga

We have a few BRAND NEW 2016 Ford Kuga cars for sale at BELOW RETAIL!

With this deal, you save a minimum of R15 000!

We can even source the colour you want!

This deal also comes with a 4yr/80 000 KM Service Plan.

We have the following models available with these great BELOW RETAIL SAVINGS:

SUV – Petrol
KUGA  1.5 ECOBOOST AMBIENTE  6MT FWD SUV Save R14 900 – Enquire Now!
KUGA  1.5 ECOBOOST AMBIENTE 6AT FWD SUV Save R15 500 – Enquire Now!
KUGA 1.5 ECOBOOST   TREND  6MT FWD SUV Save R16 300 – Enquire Now!
KUGA 1.5 ECOBOOST   TREND  6AT FWD SUV Save R17 000 – Enquire Now!
KUGA 1.5 ECOBOOST   TREND  6AT AWD SUV Save R18 200 – Enquire Now!
KUGA 2.0 ECOBOOST TITANIUM  6AT AWD SUV Save R20 100 – Enquire Now!
SUV – Diesel
KUGA 2.0 TDCI TREND POWERSHIFT 6AT AWD SUV Save R19 400 – Enquire Now!


Life is meant to be easy. Smart technology makes our lives easier. The Ford Kuga is no exception. These available features make it easier to pack your car, park your car and use the technology you can’t do without, like your mobile phone.

Even in the routine of the everyday, we need to adapt. And your car is no different. It needs to change to accommodate who’s going, what you’re taking with you and which road, or off-road, is on the way.

The more time you can put between you and your next visit to the fuel pump the better. Fuel-saving technology and design ensure every single drop of fuel takes you further. So you can drive more and refuel less.

It’s important that you and your family feel safe in your car. The Ford Kuga incorporates some of the most advanced safety features available. Not only to help protect you. But to help prevent the need for protection in the first place.

Stock is going fast, to avoid disappointment, act now, call us!

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