Services We Offer


We at Knox Inc. Auto Group strive to bring you unique and quality services, that will make you, the customer, as happy as possible with your automotive buying and selling.

Therefore we offer a few very unique and exciting services, to you our customer,  these services are outlined below. Please remember to contact us as soon as possible, so we can start making your dreams come to life.

Not only is Knox Inc. Auto Group your new favorite second-hand car dealership, we have some of the lowest car prices on the market for our second-hand cars, have a look here.

Our first and very exciting service is Automotive Brokerage.
Knox Inc. Auto Group will broker your vehicle for you at a competitive commission. Therefore, you can get your car sold in a matter of days, for what your car is actually worth.
Knox Inc. Auto Group will then also assist with the paperwork to get the cars owner transferred at The Traffic Department.
This service removes all the hassles of selling a car privately and gets you, our customer, the money you deserve for your car.

Another unique service offered by Knox Inc. Auto Group is Vehicle Acquisition.
Our specialized team at Knox Inc. Auto Group will find your dream car at a pre-vetted preferred price for you within an agreed upon time-frame.

Want a new or demo vehicle? We at Knox Inc. Auto Group can help you! Another service we offer is New Vehicle Acquisition. With our extensive contact list in the car industry, we will be able to get you, your new vehicle at a very competitive price. You let us handle finding you the vehicle, taking you to the test drive and standing by you through every step of the way to ensure you have the best possible experience when buying your new car at the dealership.